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Gain Undivided Attention

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BusinessWeek (July 31, 2001): "Expensive, conventional approaches such as network-TV ads seem less and less able to move the needle". In a market where consumers are inundated by costly ads, business advertising has become even tougher.

Does the advertising industry have a solution for the "Little Budget, Huge Impact" conundrum? The answer is YES, "Fortune Cookies", an undiscovered secret!

No more shelling out big bucks for commercials that no watches; Don't waste money on flyer or magazine ads that are simply ignored. Stand out from the rest by advertising your business with fortune cookies and GAIN UNDIVED ATTENTION!

Today, fortune cookies reach more than 12 million people each week in the United States alone, more than BusinessWeek and Time Magazine combined. According to U.S. Census Bureau, the population of the U.S. on February 20, 2007 was 301,216,584. If on average, an American eats Chinese food once every 3 months, the nation reads over 23 million fortunes a week.

Most importantly, ads in fortune cookies achieve undivided attention, unlike other media where one advertisement competes with many others. There are more than 20 ads in each issue of Time. Readers often skip the multiple conventional ads, while no one can hardly resist reading their fortune! produces fortunes for many, many fortune cookie makers. For companies large or small, we can offer the following:
  • Produce fortune cookies with your custom-designed advertisements;
  • Insert your ads into fortune cookies used for restaurants;
  • Add a logo to the outside wrapper for your brand to gain exposure*.
* As the nation's largest custom fortune cookie store, we have the ability to add logos and/or messages onto cookies' wrappers. This imprinting process isn't something just any store can do!   Unlimited possibilities exist for this new advertising option, e.g., a pumpkin-face wrapper to create a jack-o-lantern at Halloween. No one will ever forget your company with a promotion like this.

Whether it is for your corporate branding or an upcoming holiday sales promotion, choose Fortune Cookies! We can help you to achieve one-to-one marketing for less than 10 cents. To learn more, please review each of the web pages at or give us a call at (408)542-9186.

Left: Disney World dessert plate Right: Chefs were preparing dessert plates
Disney World (Florida) ordered 5,000 chocolate-dipped fortune cookies from us for its 2008 banquet where about 2,000 employees whom had more than 20 years in working at WDW Orlando attended.
The message in these cookies was:
Be Creative!
With our fortune cookies and innovated packaging, your imagination can run wild. Below is an example: Actifirm bought hundreds of giant cookie packages to successfully launch its ActiLash. 530 Lytton Avenue, 2nd Floor, Palo Alto, CA 94301 The Fortune Cookie Store